Navy Memorabilia

Szapouski, John A.

Rank: Water Tender 1st Class
Serial Number: 2120810
Military Branch: USS Quincy, CA-39
Origin: Massachusetts
Date of Death: 1942-8-9
Manila American Cemetery
Featured: No

John Anthony Szapouski, the son of Anthony Szapouski, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 29, 1903. He enlisted October 9, 1922 at the Springfield, Mass. Naval Recruiting Station as an Apprentice Seaman. He made Seaman 2c on November 23, 1922, and was assigned to the USS Burns, DD 171 until October, 1924. He was discharged November 1, 1926 as F1c; then re-enlisted October 3, 1927; reported to USS Lexington, CV 2 on December 14, 1927, as F1c; rated WT2c July 28, 1928; transferred to USS Case DD 285 February 25, 1929; then reported to USS Breck , DD 283 on April 7, 1929; transferred to USS Biddle, DD 151 on May 1, 1930 and was on the Biddle until December 10, 1931; assigned to the USS Brechinridge, DD 148 the next day, until January 18, 1932, then assigned to USS Hatfield, DD 231, until March 30, 1934; then assigned to USS Lawrence, DD 250, until August 2, 1934; assigned to the USS Dewey, DD 349, October, 1934 through September 17, 1935. During that time was promoted to WT1c on June 5, 1935; and extended his enlistment on October 31, 1935. From September 17, 1935 through August 11, 1938 he was assigned to the USS Raleigh, CL 7, as WT1c. He was discharged August 11, 1938; re-enlisted the next day; and he reported to the USS Davis, DD 395 on October 5, 1938 for sea trials and commissioning. He was on the USS Davis on January 24, 1940 when he was transferred to Fleet Naval Reserve; (had been regular Navy until then); was released from active duty on March 25, 1940, and recalled to active duty on August 2, 1940. While on USS Davis, he was commended by his Commanding Officer on the for service during a fire fighting episode on January 28, 1939. Szapouski was awarded a Good Conduct medal on November 1, 1926, GC pin on October 30, 1931 and October 30, 1935.

Szapouski was transferred to the USS Quincy on September 30, 1940, and was with the ship until its sinking  August 9, 1942 in the Battle of Savo Island.

This group includes Szapouski's officially engraved posthumous US Mint Type 1 Navy Purple Heart with its purple box, Navy Good Conduct Medal engraved "C.S.C. 86009 John Anthony Szapouski Receiving Ship at New York, 1 Nov 1926", World War 2 Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, American Defense Medal, and undated pothumous Navy Good Conduct Medal engraved with the recipients name. The 1926 dated Good Conduct Medal is beautifully engraved and includes a bronze bar for the USS Biddle DD151 that is engraved on the back "C.S.C. 86009 30 Oct. 1931". Also included are about 100  pages from his files NPRC. His widow was Margaret Szapouski of 38 Light St., W. Lynn, Mass. 

While on patrol in the channel between Florida Island and Savo Island, in the early hours of 9 August, Quincy was attacked by a large Japanese naval force during the Battle of Savo Island and sustained many direct hits, with all guns out of action, which killed 370 men including the captain and 167 men wounded. She was the first ship sunk in the area which was later known as Ironbottom Sound.

Spring 2022 sold to a collector. 

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