Air Force Memorabilia

Stenman, Everett G.

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Serial Number: O-2060730
Military Branch: 482nd Bomb Squadron, 505th Bomb Group VH
Origin: Illinois
Date of Death: 1945-2-10
Honolulu Memorial
Featured: No

Everett George Stenman was born January 5, 1918 in Illinois to his parents August and Albertina Stenman, who were originally from Sweden. He enlisted in the Army in Chicago April 17, 1942. Both the 1920 and 1940 census show that Everett and his 5 siblings lived in Batavia, Illinois. Everett was married to his wife, Stasia Anna (Hubis) Stenman, who was a Wave, with a rank of Y2c. Y2c Stenman was stationed at the Submarine Base in San Francisco during the war.

During training in the 804th Bombardier Training Squadron at San Angelo, Texas, on March 4, 1944, the twin engine AT-11 plane that Stenman and 3 others were flying in training suffered an accident when the landing gear collapsed. Documentation of this accident accompanies this group, as well as MACR 12054.

Operations of the 482nd started in early 1945 and operated out of Tinian. Second Lt. Stenman was the bombardier on B-29 plane # 42-24787, "The Wolf Pack". That plane was piloted by pilot 2nd Lt. Jack L. Nichols with co-pilot Captain Robert R. Cady. The mission in which that plane was lost was documented in Missing Air Crew Report 12054.  That casualty occured on Mission 29 on February  10, 1945. On that day 120 B-29's flew from the 73rd and 313the Bomb Wing to attack the Nakajima aircraft plant at Ota and 14 other targets. 12 planes were lost in that mission, including 2 planes that collided in mid-air. That loss was one of the biggest for any single day for that outfit. After a round trip of almost 2800 miles, at about 11PM, Stenman's plane radioed the base that they were 20 minutes away. Nothing more was ever heard from them which led to the conclsion that they ran out of gas and crashed. Eahaustive searches failed to find any trace of the plane. These missions which lasted up to 15 hours pushed these planes to the limits of their fuel supply. On February 10, 1946, Lt. Stenman and his crew were declared dead.

Lt. Stenman's group includes his officially script engraved slot brooch posthumous Purple Heart, Bombardiers wings, theater made 20th Air Force patch, World War 2 Batavia, Illinois service medal with gold star, autographed class book, "Shack", for Bombardiers Class 44-8, original copy of a short monograph of the 505th Bombardment Group, 2-8×10 photos of B-29's, original copies of  505th General Oreders 10 and 40, very salty officer's crusher-Bancroft Flighter, pilot's wire rim sunglasses with hardshell case, military sewing kit, toiletry kit and contents, 2 hair brushes, neckties, shirts, belts, overseas caps,  and Stenman's numerous patched uniforms in his B-4 bag. 

This group has been sold.

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