Navy Memorabilia

Spennato, Nicholas G

Rank: Seaman 1C
Serial Number: 09214228
Military Branch: USS Drexler DD 741
Origin: Pennsylvania
Date of Death: 1945-5-28
Honolulu Memorial
Featured: No

S1C Nicholas Spennato was one of the 166 officers and men that died when USS Drexler was hit and sunk  by 2 kamikazis. Drexler was attacked by 6 kamikazis on the morning of May 28. Two of the planes were shot down. Two failed to strike the ship. But, two power diving planes struck the destroyer. The blaze of the second one opened Drexler's deck and threw her over on her beam. Tons of water flooded the hull swamping the lower compartments. Just 49 seconds after the final strike, the ship rolled over and sank. Nearly all hands below decks were trapped. About 170 officers and men were picked up. Drexler had been on radar picket patrol off Okinawa at the time.

The group includes S1C Spennatos' officially engraved Type III posthumous Purple Heart and its presentation case, along with some research on the Drexler.

This medal has been transferred to the custody of another collector. (2012)

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