Navy Memorabilia

Shaw, Albert H.

Rank: Parachute Rigger
Military Branch: USS Randolph CV-15
Origin: Pennsylvania
Featured: No

Albert H. Shaw was born February 2, 1922 and died October 17, 2004. He lived in Pennsylvania; his last residence is listed as Philadelphia. This group came directly from Shaw's son-in-law, Walter Schilling in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. Shaw's framed medal group includes American Defense, American Campaign, Navy Good Conduct, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, and Victory medal. None of the medals are named. The drawing of the carrier is the USS Randolph CV-15 on which Shaw served. The wood is a piece cut from the flight deck of the Randolph. It measures 2 5/8 inches thick, and has a top surface that seems to be a mixture of tar and paint. Look at the upper left corner of the piece and you will see a wooden plug about 1 1/4 inch diameter. It covers a bolt which went down through the deck. The picture of the parachutist is Albert doing a test ride at parachute school. The requirement for riggers was that they had to test a chute that they packed. The caption on the parachute school picture reads: "Parachute Material School, Class # 68 8-10-42, U.S. Naval Air Station Lakehurst, N.J." Note the Marines in the picture, especially the tall one in front. Albert is the tall Sailor right behind him. The picture in front of the single engine plane is Albert's group. He is in the middle row, 3rd from the right, next to the salty Chief. Not sure of location or plane type. Any help would be appreciated. 

Albert Shaw served on the Randolph from April 17, 1945 through January 26, 1947. He was a parchute rigger in the aviation section.

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