Army Memorabilia

Quinn, James L.

Rank: Staff Sergeant
Serial Number: 32373700
Military Branch: 396th Bomber Squadron, 41st Bomb Group
Origin: New York
Date of Death: 1944-1-19
Honolulu Memorial
Featured: No

James Lawrence Quinn was born in the Albany, New York area in 1912. He enlisted in Albany on June 7, 1942. Quinn's B-25D was reported missing after a low level attack on Mille Islands. He is not listed in the ABMC rolls, but his crew mates are listed including his pilot, Flight Officer John A. Johnston, s/n T-000328. The description of the loss of his B25D A/C No. 41-30613 is found in MACR #1900. There is a discrepency on the MIA date: some sources list it as February 2, 1944.

In MACR #1900, the following appears: "I certify that during the mission over Mille island on 19 January, 1944; Airplane number 41-30613, in the first wave, was hit while over the target, bounced to the left up over the tail of Airplane number 41-30621 and landed in the water near the shoreline in the lagoon. The airplane was seen to coast on out into the water and stop alongside of a sunken hulk in the lagoon. No personnel was seen to get out of the airplane and no enemy fire was directed at the airplane in the water. s/ Walter R. McClelland, Captain, Air Corps."

S/SGT Quinn's group includes his officially impressed posthumous slot brooch Purplr Heart, plus internet research and his Mississing Air Crew Report #1900.


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