Army Memorabilia

Powell, Thomas S.

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 2274119
Military Branch: HQ Co., 316th Field Signal Bn., 91st Division
Featured: No

This group consists of an officially engraved Bailey, Banks and Biddle Silver Star edge numbered 3755, WW1 four bar Victory medal, 1918 St. Mihiel medal, September 17, 1938 Los Angeles 91st Division 20th Reunion medal, and Powell's original named and numbered dogtag.

91st Division GO #25, printed at Camp Merritt, New Jersey, April 13, 1919 lists approximately 1300 Silver Star citations. Pfc. Powell is listed for gallantry in action during the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

There are two men named Thomas S. Powell in that could be this person. They were both born in the early 1890's. One lived in California and the other in Nevada according to their WW1 draft registration cards. At this point in time (2012) there is no way to tell which one is our 91st Division person. My best guess is that this is Thomas Sherrill Powell born in Tennessee May 29, 1892 and died December 22, 1956 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Some of this information is from As of March, 2014 this group has moved on to another collector.

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