Air Force Memorabilia

Pool, Edward

Rank: Captain
Serial Number: O-663774
Military Branch: 387th Bomb Sqd., 312th Bomb Group
Origin: Texas
Date of Death: 1944-10-5
Manila American Cemetery
Featured: No

Edward Pool was from Texas, but little accurate biographical information has been found. He was awarded the Silver Star, Air Medal, and posthumous Purple Heart. This group includes his engraved solid brooch Air Medal with presentation box. The Air Medal engraving is unlike others I have seen, but it appears to be of the period. The whereabouts of the other medals is unknown. The date of death shown above may be the actual date, or the death date plus one year. His Silver Star was awarded in 1946 by General Order 269. Pool is buried in the Manila American Cemetery, Plot D, Row 10, Grave 23.

The 387th Bomb Squadron was established in early 1942 as a light bomb squadron, equipped with A-24 Banshees, although equipped with export model A-31 Vengeance dive bombers for training. Trained under Third Air Force in the southeast United States, also used for antisubmarine patrols over the Atlantic southeast coast and then Gulf of Mexico.

Deployed to Southern California in early 1943 to the Desert Warfare Center, trained in light bombing while supporting Army maneuvers in the Mojave Desert until October.

They were re-equipped with North American A-36 Apache dive bombers and deployed to New Guinea as part of Fifth Air Force. In the Southwest Pacific the squadron attacked Japanese strong points and tactical positions and targets of opportunity in support of MacArthur's campaign along the north coast of New Guinea; then advancing into the Netherlands East Indies and Philippines as part of the Island Hopping campaign. Re-equipped with P-40s; then later A-20 Havocs. Engaged in heavy fighting on Leyte; Mindoro and Luzon in the Philippines during 1944-1945.

If anyone can provide more information on Pool, it would be appreciated.

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