Marine Corps Memorabilia

Pifer, Amon W.

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 118004
Military Branch: USMC
Origin: Pennsylvania
Date of Death: February 7, 1975
Featured: No

Amon Pifer was born March 6, 1893 in Pennsylvania and died February 7, 1975, and is buried in Crown Crest Memorial Park in Hyde, Pennsylvania. He was active in his church and in the Grange. He was a farmer by trade. 

Amon Pifer saw sea service aboard the USS Hancock as part of the Santo Domingo Expeditionary Force from July 30 to December 24,1914. He was part of the 48th Company, 5th Marine Regiment. In the interim, he was stationed in the Philadelphia area. He was with the 19th Company, 1st Regiment, 1st Marine Brigade and served in Port de Paix, Haiti from August 17, 1915 to May 18, 1916. He was seasoned in combat operations in Haiti where he battled Cacos rebels and assaulted and destroyed many villages and forts(even once being commended by Smedley Butler). He again entered Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on May 23, 1916 and was there until May 25, 1917. During WW1 Pifer was one of the first to arrive in France with the 5th Marine Regiment after he was pulled from bandit chasing in the Dominican. He was with the 16th Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. He arrived at St. Nazaire on June 27, 1917. His original Discharge Certificate states that he "Participated in attacks against the enemy at Bois de Belleau, Bouresches Sector northwest of Chateau Thiery June 6 and June 21 to 26. Verzy July 18-19. St Mihiel Sector  Champagne Sector October 1 to 9, Argonne Forest November 1 to 14. Served with the Army of Occupation in Belgium November 15 to 30, 1918". In October he was promoted to PFC. He returned home after 5 years of fighting overseas in January 1919 having survived countless actions with rebels, bandits, and Germans. He was discharged March 15, 1919.

Pifer's medals include his hand engraved Marine Good Conduct medal No. 8818 for 1st Enlistment 1914-1919; Dominican Campaign medal rim numbered 1137; Marine Expeditionary medal rim numbered M. No. 8405; Haitian Campaign medal dated 1915 and rim numbered 2659; WW1 Victory medal with 5 stars and 5 bars; WW1 2nd Division medal inscribed Amon W. Pifer; Verdon medal; VFW Marine Corps medal; and US Army Occupation medal.

In addition to the medals, also included are his 10K gold USMC ring, 3 dogtags, a few small pins; his original Discharge Certificate, and his Marine War Service Certificate. There a seven pictures total with the group, plus a small booklet entitled "Recruit Depot Third Company E" that has a group picture and names of all personnel including Pifer.

This group has been passed on to another collector as of 2013.

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