Army Memorabilia

McClellan, Arno S.

Rank: Second Lieutenant
Serial Number: O-181927
Military Branch: Co. B, 47th Infantry Reg. 4th Division
Origin: Pennsylvania
Date of Death: 1950-10-5
Greene Cemetery, Waynesburg, PA
Featured: No

Arno Seals McClellan, the son of Enos and Florence McClellan, was born December 30, 1890 and died October 5, 1950 in the VA Hospital in Aspinwall, PA. He had a long military career in the Navy, Marines and Army. He was a Seaman in the Navy from February 29, 1908 to May 5, 1908 serving on the USS Constellation. He was a Private in the Army, Co. G, 11th Infantry in Texas City, Texas  from February 10, 1911 to February 9, 1914. He then joined the Marines April 24, 1914 and was discharged July 24, 1915 as a Sergent. While in the Marines, he served as President's guard on Pres. Wilson's yacht. He then went to OCS in Fort Oglethorpe, GA for a period from August 27, 1917 to November 27, 1917.

He was in the AEF from November 27, 1917 until July 27, 1919 leaving the service as a Captain in Co. C, 47th Infantry Regiment. McClellan was in the Reserves from July 15, 1923 until March 15, 1942, having made the rank of Major in 1931. His records show him as regular Army Lt. Col. from March 16, 1942 through November 3, 1944 as Lt. Col. in Fort Belvoir and in the reserves October 30, 1945 until June 29, 1949.

During his service in France, he was gassed and wounded. On November 22, 1918, he was admitted to Base Hospital 6 due to complications from the gas exposure.

Arno McClellan kept everything! There is a mass of original photos including 7 yardlongs, newspaper articles, military documents, promotion and discharge documents, and original records all in his Army trunk with this group. Also included are all his medals, burial flag, insignia, and a personal knife made fro a Springfield bayonet with scabbard. His DSC is edge numbered 5027 and his split brooch Bailey, Banks and Biddle Purple Heart is edge numbered 487. Also included is his 4 bar WW1 Victory medal, Washington, PA Victory medal, Verdun medal, 40/8 medal, Legion of Honor medal from 1930, and his brass named Legion of Honor life member card, plus his first Army dogtag and WW2 dogtag. Other insignia of note is his 4th Division patch from the '20's that is also shown on a photo of him in uniform. Included are his original framed DSC document, (some water damage) and a later desk nameplate.

Arno had several jobs including postmaster, sheriff, and Social Security Administration manager.

McClellan's signature accomplishment was receiving the Distinguished Service Cross for action in WW1 which reads as follows: "This officer fearlessly led his platoon in locating and successfully attacking German Machine Guns, thereby facilitating the advance of his company. He also led a combat patrol in front of his position for the purpose of driving out hostile snipers. Later, when his company was forced to retire to a more sheltered zone, Lieutenant McClellan, with one soldier, remained in an exposed position and rendered valuable service by covering the withdrawal with accurate fire from an automatic rifle."

The award was made by G.O. 70, War Department, 1919 and the ceremony was held at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1919.

The entire list of artifacts is as follows: DSC, Purple Heart, DSC marked glass, Funeral flag, NY obituary, 1950, 1919 Discharge, Pension papers, Longevity papers, Legion of Valor booklet, Certificate of death, 7 cilian photos, 2 obituaries, PA sheriffs list, 7 military photos, 6 WW1 photos, DSC award program, pre-WW1 photo, circular on metal, 4th Division unit history, Legion of Valor Life Member card, 2 WW2 DI's, Officer's hat badge, WW2 dogtag, pre-WW1 dogatg, WW1 Victory medal, ruptured duck, Verdun medal, Washington PA service medal, Photo of PA sheriff's convention, 1932 Ft. George Meade officers photo, 1930 Legion of Valor Gettysburg  photo, 1935 Military traing command photo, 1932 BEF Camp Marks photo, 1931 photo at a reception by President Hoover, Army discharge 1914, DSC Certificate, 1926 Nat. Geo membership certificate, 1937 Social Security Certificate, 1923 Carnegie Inst. Certificate, 1924 WW1 Veterans Graduation Training certificate, 1917 Postmaster appointment doc., 1926 Sheriff's appointment, 1940 Officer's Training Command Cert., Promotion Certificates for 1917, 1918, 1923, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1941 and 1945; 1912 Bakers school certificate, 1918 Auto Rifle school Cert., 1917 Basic Army training course Cert., wooden desk sign, WW1 Captain's bar, WW2 Lt Col and Major insignia Pre WW1 USMC Rifleman's badge, Pre WW1 USMC Marksmanship badge section, WW1 40/8 meda, 1930 Legion of Valor reunion medal, 1935 American Legion medal,, Army Marksman badge-pistol carbine, WW1 German wound badge, WW1 framed photo with medals, unusual WW1 4th Division patch, WW1 US bayonet cut own to fighting knife with scabbard, lass slide of him in WW1 uniform with medals and 4th Div. patch, Hospital casualty report, WW1 TB shot record, incredible US Marine leather folder with 1915 USMC promotion doc.with his photo, photo as sailor on USS Constellation, photo of him as Marine, 3 photos with Marines, 6 WW2 photos, 6 WW1 photos, 11 newspaper clippings relating to his awards and death, formal photo at the Social Security off, 9 photos of him as sheriff and SS board, letter mentioning his DSC, 6 clippings relating to his run for sheriff, and finally his Army footlocker.

This group has been sold.

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