Marine Corps Memorabilia

McCarthy, Charles F.

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Serial Number: 116079
Military Branch: 17th Company, 5th Marines
Origin: Illinois
Featured: No

This is a fantastic and rare Silver Star, Purple Heart group to Gunnery Sergeant Charles F. McCarthy who was born in 1885 and started his first military service in the Army in 1902. He was wounded at Belleau Wood in France on June 6, 1918. He received the Silver Star and French Croix de Guerre for the same action. His citations for that action state: "His platoon commander having been wounded and sent to the rear, he assumed command of the men whom he led and encouraged (them) until he was wounded"

The medals that are in this group are the officially engraved Silver Star #8273, officially engraved Purple Heart #52340, Victory medal, Marine Expeditionary medal, M. No, 5729, Marine Mexico medal 2416, and a bronze medallion "Pour Toujours" commemorating the 1927 visit to France of the American Legion. Although not clear in the picture, the Expeditionary medal has a bronze "2" on the ribbon. His Good Conduct medal #4862, and CdG with Silver Star are not in this group-Whereabuts unknown. His application for the SS and PH is dated April 23, 1935. The award card copies for the SS, PH, and CdG are included in this group plus almost every piece of paper pertaining to his career and assignmnents are in the group.

Briefly, McCarthy's military career began in the Army in 1902. He was court marshalled and dishonorably discharged in 1909. He then re-enlisted under a false name, James Milton in 1910. He then served on the USS Logan, USS Buffalo, USS Pennsylvania, USS California, USAT Sherman, USS West Virginia (Mexico medal), was in Haiti 1915, Cuba 1917, then went to France March 18, 1918 with the 17th Company 5th Marines. He served in the Toulon sector, Aisne Defensive, and then listed as severely wounded (gunshot to right elbow) on June 6, 1918 in Belleau Wood. That ended his fighting career and he was discharged April 30, 1919. As of March, 2014 this group has moved on to another collector.

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