Air Force Memorabilia

Macauley, Robert J.

Rank: Lt. Colonel
Serial Number: O-691145
Military Branch: 332nd Bomb Squadron, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force
Origin: Wisconsin
Date of Death: 2001-12-24
Featured: No


Robert J. Macauley was born December 29, 1921, enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Chanute Field in Illinois on July 30, 1940, and died December 24, 2001. 

Macauley's WW2 experience was as a pilot of the B-17 "Dry Run". Little else is known about his career.

Macauley's group includes 6 ribbon bars showing service from WW2 through Vietnam, his Air Medal with 4 oak leaves with presentation box, mini wing/prop insignia and captain's bars, name tag, 3 pieces of shrapnel, his 1942 and 1950 dated dogtags, 94th Bomb Group Association membership card, and his picture in later life.

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