Navy Memorabilia

Liguz, Frank S.

Rank: Radioman Third Class
Serial Number: 2073397
Military Branch: USS Atlanta CL-51
Origin: Connecticut
Date of Death: 1942-11-13
Manila American Cemetery
Featured: No

Frank Stephen Liguz was born March 23, 1922 in Kilingly, Connecticut to his parents Walter and Anna. He enlisted in the regular Navy on April 14, 1941 in New Haven as Apprentice Seaman. He had graduated from Killingly High School with the class of 1940 where he had been a track star.

During his short Naval career, RM3c Liguz went through training and visited Norfolk, Canal Zone and Hawaii, as his photo album shows pictures of him in those places. He advanced in rate to S2c and then RM3c. He was on the commissioning crew of the Atlanta on December 24, 1941.The Atlanta was in several major engagements, including Midway, until its unfortunate sinking on Friday the 13th. It had been disabled by a Jap torpedo at about 2AM and then was mistakenly shelled by the USS San Francisco, until it was put out of action. After all personnel were removed, the ship was sunk by demolition charges during the day. Many of the crew of 850 were lost in that action. The total casualties of officers and men was over 160 including Admiral Norman Scott and most of his staff.

This group is extensive. It includes a photograph album with many picture of Frank, portraits of him in and out of uniform, original paperwork including his Purple Heart Certificate, Presidential Accolade, signed enlistment oath, and identification card. A huge scrapbook kept by his family has hundreds of original newspaper clippings about Frank's death and other individuals and stories about major WW2 Naval battles. It also includes personal condolence cards, in service flags, and his death notice telegram. Much internet research is included. Frank's officially engraved Type 1 posthumous Purple Heart and its small purple presentation box round out the group.

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