Army Memorabilia

Kilmore, Carl S.

Rank: Sergeant
Serial Number: 33495311
Military Branch: 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division
Origin: Pennsylvania
Date of Death: 1944-11-29
Featured: No

Carl S. Kilmore was born in Pennsylvania in 1922 and enlisted in the Army December 26, 1942 at Harrisburg, PA. He was initially buried in Henri-Chapelle Cemetery in Eupen, Belgium. His family had him disinterred and re-buried November 15, 1947 in Mt. Rose Cemetery Lot 34A, space 4, in York, Pennsylvania.

According to an accompanying note hand written by a family member, Sgt. Kilmore was wounded in Sicily on August 2, 1943. Kilmore sent his WIA  un-named slot brooch Purple Heart in its small blue paper box home prior to D-Day. This medal is edge numbered 102580. The box is labeled "The Robbins Co., Contract No. W669 qm-14753-Dec. 30, 1941" along with the same medal number. So, this Purple Heart was manufactured shortly after Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

The accompanying posthumous slot brooch Purple Heart is un-numbered and is officially engraved in caps "Carl S. Kilmore". The group includes the two medals, with ribbons, the hand written note, and a spent 30-40 Krag shell that was fired at the Mt. Rose Cemetery service, again according to the family note. The headstamp on the shell is "W.R.A. CO. .30 ARMY" .

Internet research shows that on November 29, 1944, two companies of the 26th Regiment, 1st Division, pushed into Merode, Belgium wherE they were isolated and almost destroyed by the enemy. It would have been during this action that Sgt. Kilmore was killed.

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