Army Memorabilia

Kerr, Ian H.

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 39264545
Military Branch: HQ Co., 3rd Bn.,262nd Infanty, 66th Division
Origin: California
Date of Death: 1944-12-25
Chaple of the Pines Cenertery
Featured: No

Ian Hugh Kerr was born September 13, 1921 to his parents Thomas and Jessie Kerr in Winnipeg, Canada. They emmigrated to the US 1929. Ian was an only child who attended Los Angeles High School and the University of Southern California. His father died March 14, 1942. His mother lived until 1966.

Ian was a nationally known timponist and was employed by th Cleveland Symphony Orchestra.Interestly, Ian of Scottish decent, was only 4 foot 7 inches tall. Ian was subject to the draft and was inducted into the army November 6, 1942.

PFC Kerr was one of killed when the Belgian liner SS Leopold was sunk in the English Channel by a German submarine. Of the killed, were recovered and the remainder were never found. PFC Kerr was one of those recovered and was initially buried at the US Military Cemetery at Blosville, France.

The 262nd Infantry was formed April 15, 1943 in Camp Blanding, Florida. Most of the organization occurred in 1944 with movents to Alabama and New York. They departed from New York on the USS George Washington on November 14, 1944 and arrived in Southampton, England November 26, 1044. On December 24, they departed Southampton on the HMS Cheshire and the SS Leopold to sail to Cherbourgh, France. About 5 miles from Cherbourgh, the Leopold was torpedoed and sunk. Casualties included 124 KIA, 434 missing and 104 wounded.

This group consists of PFC Kerr's officially engraved posthumous Purple Heart and its presentation case, his Purple Heart Certificate and his Roosevelt accolade. In addition there is a lot of internet research and his Individual Deceased Personnel File. The IDPF is a wealth of information as it contains a complete list of all the casualties on the Leopold and many eyewitness accounts from survivors.

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