Army Memorabilia

Jillson, Bruce E.

Rank: Corporal
Serial Number: 735612
Military Branch: Co. F, 11th Infantry, 5th Division
Origin: New York
Date of Death: 1972-6-18
Featured: No

Bruce Edward Jillson was born June 24, 1895 in New York City. He was the son of France and Sadie Jillson. He was married to his wife Jane, and lived his later years in Albany, New York.

Jillson enlisted in the Army June 28, 1917 and was discharged March 5, 1919. Corp. Jillson was wounded in action at Cunel, France on October 14, 1918.

Corp. Jillson's group includes hia officially engraved Bailey, Banks & Biddle split brooch Purple Heart edge numbered 14756 and his Purple Heart award card.

A Bruce E. Jillson was found in the Marine Corps Muster Rolls on He is shown as enlisting July 3, 1915 and being dishonorably discharged from prison in Portsmouth, NH in August, 1916. This may or may not be the same man, but no other people other than him have been found. As of March , 2014 this group has moved on to another collector.

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