Navy Memorabilia

Jennings, John D.

Rank: Ensign
Serial Number: 420227
Military Branch: USN VF-81
Origin: West Virginia
Date of Death: November 1980
Featured: No

John David Jennings was born September 29, 1924 to his parents Joseph and Esther Jennings from Vienna, West Virginia.

Jennings was one of 37 members of the Parkersburg (WV) Flying Redbird Squadron who received notification on March 13, 1943 that they would be sent to the University of Virginia for pre-flight training. This group was probably part of the Civil Air Patrol.

Jennings saw active duty between April 15, 1943 and November 12, 1945. He had previously registered for the draft on December 23, 1942. He graduated from Pensacola flight school and was designated Naval Aviator on November 14, 1944, having been appointed Ensign on November 1. On May 12, 1945. Jennings reported to VF-81. Accompanying paperwork shows that Jennings drew some flight gear on June 13, 1945.

Original copies of many of Ensign Jennings' orders are included in the group, that allows his progress to be followed.

November 3, 1943 ordered to Pensacola as new ensign

November 15, 1944 from Pensacola to Sanford Florida

April 7, 1945 from Sanford to Glenview Illinois

April 15, 1945 from Glenview to San Diego

April 22, 1945 reported to San Diego

April 24, 1945 departed from San Diego via Seattle to Pasco,,Washington with VF-81

May 12, 1945 reported for reforming Fighting Squadron 81 in Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 50 v

July 17, 1945 Air Group Order No. 1 is issued by LCDR H.P. Lanham

An undated photo collage of squadron members shows the commanding officer to be LCDR M.P. McNair.

November 13, 1945 Ensign Jennings was discharged at NAS Quonset Point RI.

Jennings Flight Log Book that accompanies this group shows he started flying January 17, 1944. He continued flying until October 27, 1945, at which point he had flown 525.9 hours. His last month of flying was in an F4U.

The following Navy manuals accompany this group: Meet the NE-1, Meet the N3N-3, Meet the N2S, Meet the NP-1, Meet the SNJ-3, Air Navigation Part Three, Instructions for the Aircraft Navigational Computer Mark 8, Flight Control Systems, Airway Aids, Flight Instruments, Parachutes, Operation of Aircraft Engines, Effects of Flight, Physics Manual for Pilots, Instrument Flight Part One, and the Civil Training Manual dated 1941.

In addition to dozens of his his many orders, and original Service Record, included in the group are original photos of Jennings and his squadron, plus green, summer, white, blue uniforms, cover, G-1 jacket, silk scarf and shirt. Also included is his original Naval Aviator certificate, several ID cards and dog tags. In the roster photo, Jennings is in the second to  bottom row, 2nd from right.

Note the VF-81 logo "Freelancers" in the roster photo.

This group has been sold.



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