Navy Memorabilia

Henderson, Charles E

Rank: Ship\'s Cook 3c
Serial Number: 6379252
Military Branch: USS LSM-127
Origin: South Carolina
Date of Death: 1945-1-10
Florence National Cemetery, Florence, SC
Featured: No

Ship's Cook 3c Charles Edward Henderson had been in the Navy beginning in November, 1942. He was killed in action on January 10, 1945 which was D plus 1 of the invasion of the Phillipines on Luzon. Henderson had been a crewman since October, 1944 on LSM-127 that landed at Lingayan Gulf while carrying a compliment of 54 men and 5 officers. It is not known how Henderson was killed, but it is known that the landing forces were under severe mortar and gunfire during that time. There is a newspaper article with the group that indicates that Henderson was wounded in action, but the date of that article is unknown. Henderson is buried in the Florence National Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina. He left a wife, Constance of Greenville, South Carolina.

Henderson's officially engraved posthumous Navy Type 2 Purple Heart is accompanied by the short titled box and its shipping container.

SOLD to a collector 04-2021 

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