Air Force Memorabilia

Greer, Roland F. Jr.

Rank: Sergeant
Serial Number: 32773330
Military Branch: 823rd Bomb Sqd., 38th Bomber Group, Med.
Origin: New Jersey
Date of Death: 1944-12-30
Mahila American Cemetery
Featured: No

"Sgt. Roland Greer was killed in action at 1140 hours, while on bombing and strafing run on barges between San Jose and Samal, on the west coast of Samal Island, Davao Gulf, Mindanao, Phillippine Islands. Plane, on which he was Engineer-Gunner, was observed to penetrate solid wall of water and debris, due to bomb burst, while making run on barge, causing right wing to disingrate, flinging the airplane on its back and crashing into shallow water. Last sightings indicated undercarriage and wing tip in shallow water, and non-inflated life raft in immediate vicinity. There were no survivors and no bodies were recovered." The preceding was stated in the Missing Air Crew Report, which is part of the IDPF that accompanies this group. In late 1944, the 823rd was moved to Morotai, in the north end of the Dutch East Indies which put them in reach of the Philippines. A good website for the 823 can be found at

The centerpiece of this group is Sgt. Greer's posthumous slot brooch Purple Heart. Included with this group are several aerial photos of bombing runs, the Purple Heart Presentation case, and its cardboard box, the IDPF, and the original Purple Heart Accolade to Sergeant Roland Greer, Jr. The back of the attached picture states "crew of Tiger Terrors 1943". These B-25 Mitchell's carried a crew of 5. Presumably Greer is in the back row in this picture. Note the nose art work.

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