Air Force Memorabilia

Graham, Robert T.

Rank: Second Lieutenant
Serial Number: 0-2070010
Military Branch: 531st Bomb Sqd., 380th Bomb Group, Heavy, 5th AF
Origin: California
Date of Death: 1945-4-20
Mahila American Cemetery
Featured: No

Second Lieutenant Robert Graham is listed as a navigator on a B24 bombing raid near Saigon. The plane was lost on its return trip to Mindoro Island, in the Phillipines. He was aboard Lt. James Obrien's plane "Patches". Prior to its loss, they radioed the base that they had lost one engine and were seeking an alternative landing site. They were the only ones of that bomb run to fail to return. "Patches" had flown 45 missions, but only 7 with O'Brien's crew. The group includes the MACR and IDPF plus other internet research. All of the crewmembers of Patches are listed in the research. Several years after the war, Lt. Obrien's cremated remains were found near Saigon. It is stated that Obrien was captured and put to death by the Japanese. The Army concluded that the only survivor of the crash was O'brien and that the other crewmembers were killed in the crash at sea.

The medal in the group is the posthumous officially engraved slot brooch Purple Heart.

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