Navy Memorabilia

Gibson, Cecil E.

Rank: Water Tender 1st Class
Serial Number: 2951798
Military Branch: US Navy
Featured: No

Cecil Edward Gibson  was in the Navy for a period of 1932 until 1948, at least. His career may have been longer, but no data to support that has been found. The best match on Ancestry is this man being born September 9, 1909 in Kentucky with death in San Bernardino, California on March 13, 1985.

According to Navy Muster Rolls, Gibson was on the USS Lexington, CV-2, in 1939 and probably earlier. He was in the Naval Air Station at Ford Island in Hawaii from July 1939 until March, 1942, which makes him a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He was transferred to the USS Kendrick, DD-612, that operated in the Atlantic, including service during Operation Torch. He was on board that ship until October 1944 when he transferred to the USS Savannah, CL-42 where he stayed through mid 1945. He spent most of the remaining time  on the USS Rendova, CVE-114.

The group includes 2 pair of dog tags, named Good Conduct medal dated 1936, Good Conduct bar dated 1940 with his name engraved on the reverse, third GCM bar, China Service medal with box, Asia Occupation medal with box, and Base bar for the American Defense medal. Copies of internet research are included.

Spring 2022 sold to a collector. 

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