Navy Memorabilia

Gerber, Edward J.

Rank: ARN3C
Serial Number: 08001573
Military Branch: VB 82, USS Bennington CV-20
Origin: New Yirk
Date of Death: 1945-2-18
Hono;u;u Memorial
Featured: No

Edward James Gerber was born October 21, 1922 in Syracuse, New York to his parents Fred and Marion Gates Gerber. Fred lived until 1972, and his wife died on 1946. Edward had 2 siblings, John and Robert.

Because of the china virus crisis the National Archives are shut down and I cannot get any records pertaining to his service. 

What is known is that he was a rear gunner in a dive bomber piloted by Lt. Arthur Lundblade from Idaho. They were flying a Helldiver SB2C-4e Bureau No. 20594 and they were shot t down by anti-aircraft fire that hit their left wing  as they were near the bottom of a dive and crashed into the sea about 1 mile from the the island on February 17 1945. At that time the Bennington was stationed about 80 miles off the coast of Japan and the loss was recorded as of Feb. 18. They are believed to be the first Bennington casualties out of about 85 Marine and Navy flier casualties.

This group includes Gerber's officially engraved Type 3 posthumous Purple Heart and his wonderfully officially engraved Air Medal together with their Navy short titled cases. Also newspaper articles, shipboard photos and internet research. There is one large photo of Gerber and a buddie, but with no ID.

 Spring 2022 sold to a collector. 

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