Army Memorabilia

Gamble, Robert L.

Rank: Private
Serial Number: 32485707
Military Branch: 120th Infantry, 30th Division
Origin: Delaware
Date of Death: 1944-7-19
Featured: No

Robert L. Gamble was born March 30, 1915 and was killed in action July 19, 1944 in Europe at age 29. He enlisted December 22, 1942. His son Robert Jr. was 9 years old at the time of his death. 

The group includes his posthumous officially engraved Purple Heart, with presentation case, and the Presidential Accolade auto signed by Franklin Roosevelt.

Pvt. Gamble was a member of the 120th Infantry, 30th Division that landed at Normandy between June 10 and 15, 1944, just a few days after D-Day. The mission was to secure St. Lo. Gamble was killed during that forward movement, but before the main attack. He is buried at Silverbrook Cemetary in Wilmington, Deleware. Here is a link to a great personal memoir of the period with the 120th, by an officer in the regiment:


As of April 2022 this was sold to a collector. 

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