Army Memorabilia

Fisher, Moses

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 126418
Military Branch: Battery F, 6th FA, 1st Division
Origin: New York
Featured: No

PFC Moses Fisher was wounded in action in France March 28, 1918. He was issued the Purple Heart February 27, 1938.

His group includes his officially engraved Purple Heart, edge numbered 63431 as made by the Metal Arts Company. Also included is the Purple Heart lapel pin and pinback ribbon bar, as well as a copy of his award card.

There are many people on of the same name. The only WW1 draft card on that site that fits this man shows him living in Bronx, New York, and his birth as May 12, 1893 in Russia. No record of death has been found. As of March, 2014 this group has moved on to another collector.

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