Army Memorabilia

Ferro, Andrew

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 35279448
Military Branch: 105th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Bn.
Origin: Ohio
Date of Death: 1944-5-17
Sicily-Rome American Cem.
Featured: No

The items in this grouping include Ferro's officially engraved posthumous slot brooch Purple Heart and box, his good conduct medal, photos of Ferro in uniform, Purple Heart accolade and the Presidential "In grateful memory.." certifcate and its mailing tube.

PFC Andrew Ferro was part of the 105th Anti-Aircraft Battalion that supported the infantry throughout the African and Italian campaigns. 

The 105th opened the Italian campaign by supplying antiaircraft protection for the 45th, 36th and 3rd Divisions. The battalion protected the 3rd Division as it drove toward the winding Volturno River and the towns of Venefro and Cassino. The 105th supported the 85th Division from September 1943 to January 1944, during the last part of the Naples-Foggia Campaign, which resulted in the liberation of Rome. The battalion furnished antiaircraft support for the 85th, 91st, and 34th Divisions from January to September 1944.

Most likely Ferro accompanied the landing by the 34th Division at Anzio on 25 March, 1944. They maintained defensive positions until the offensive of 23 May, when they broke out of the beachhead, took Cisterna and raced to Civitavecchia and Rome. Ferro was kiled 21 May which is consistant with this premise. In all likelihood, his position was bombed by the Germans as they had freedom of the skies at that time. Any information with more details about the 105th and Ferro's death would be appreciated.

Update: An email from a reader stated that his grandfather's diary stated "One of Battery B boys got killed today on the 17th. He stepped on a mine."  He was in the 105th. (06/2021)

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