Army Memorabilia

Dounovant, John L.

Rank: Private First Class
Serial Number: 11127830
Military Branch: Troop A, 18th Cav. Recon Sqd.
Origin: New Hampshire
Date of Death: 1945-4-1
Greenlawn Cemetery, Keene, NH
Featured: No

Private John Dounovant was killed in action by gunshot near Ober Reifenberg, Germany on April 1, 1945. This was just 5 weeks before VE Day. He was originally interred in St. Avoid American Cemetery and in 1947 was reinterred in Greenlawn Cemetery in his hometown of Keene, NH.

Private Dounovant's group includes his officially engraved posthumous Purple Heart with ribbon bar and presentation case, plus copies of his IDPF.

18th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized
18th Cav Recon Sq (Mecz)

Activated as the 18th Reconnaissance Squadron on Jul 8 1943, the unit was re-designated as 18th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron on Nov 10 1943.
It arrived in England on Sept 5 1944, disembarked over Omaha Beach Sept 30 and arrived in Belgium on Oct 19, assigned Task Force X along Siegfried Line.
Moved to the Losheimer Gap Dec 11, hit by German Ardennes offensive Dec 16 1944. Re-equipped and reorganized in Jan 1945. Deployed along Roer River in early February. Advanced to Rhine in early March, crossed river at Remagen on 17 March, attacked southward along bank.
Reconnoitered and screened 99th Infantry Division advance toward Giessen. Performed security duties in early April, transferred from First to Third Army Apr 18 1945. Reached Danube River on April 25, mopped up vicinity Kelheim. Reached Inn River 2 May 1945.

Spring 2022 sold to a collector. 

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