Air Force Memorabilia

Davis, Glendon V.

Rank: Colonel
Serial Number: O-730396
Military Branch: 364th FS, 357th FG, 8th Air Force
Origin: Idaho
Date of Death: 2006-3-24
Featured: No

Glendon Valley Davis was born in Salubria, Idaho on December 26, 1916 to parents Fayette and Maude. He was a graduate of the Class of 1938 University of Idaho, where he excelled in athletics.

Davis earned his wings on September 29, 1942 as 2nd Lt. He made 1st Lt. April 22, 1943, then Capt. December 2, 1943, then Major May 22, 1945.

He joined the 364th Fighter Squadron, Fighter  Group flying P-51's from Leiston, England. His first two victories were confirmed on 3/5/1944 and were Fw-200K bombers over France. The next day he shot down an Me-110 and shared a Fw-190. His next victory was a shared Fw-190 the following day. Eight days later he claimed an Me-109 and shared in the destruction of an Me-110 making him an ace on 3/16/1944. He concluded his scoring that April with an Me-109 and a Fw-190 bringing his total to 7.5 confirmed. On April 28, the engine of his Mustang, Pregnant Polecat, failed and he bailed out over France where he evaded the Germans with the help of the French underground. Capt. Davis returned to England safely on 9/6/1944. He left active duty in 1945 but returned to active duty in 1947 and finally retired from the service in April 1970 with 7.5 confirmed victories. Davis' last residence was in Napa, California where he died March 24, 2006. He had been predeceased by his wife Sally, who died in 1987. He was interred in the Santa Rosa Memorial Park.

Col. Davis group includes his named red silk lined Ike jacket with 8th Air force patch and incredible bullion wing on a blue felt background. Also included is his blue 1970's Colonel's jacket with full embroidered insignia, plus internet research, autographed photo and copies of 4 of his signed Encounter Reports.

The copy of the color painting below of his plane, Pregnant Polecat, was found on the internet.



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