Air Force Memorabilia

Covel, Orlin E.

Rank: Staff Sergeant
Serial Number: 15118784
Military Branch: 334th Bomb Squadron, 95th Bomb Group, 8th AF
Origin: New York
Date of Death: 1944-8-25
Netherlands American Cemetery
Featured: No

SSGT Orlin E. Covel is listed on the 95th Bomb Group site as one of three killed on August 25, 1944. He is listed as ball turret gunner. It would appear that his plane was probably shot down and the other crewmembers survived, and may have been POW's. Trying to locate the MACR.

S/SGT Covel's group includes his posthumous officially engraved slot brooch Purple Heart with presentation box, posthumous officially engraved slot brooch Air Medal with presentation box, solid brooch Air Medal (probably his first award), 2 inch aerial gunner wings in box, a miniature photo of Covel, and a flyers wrist watch marked "Bass Sport". Also included is the transmittal letter for his posthumous Air Medal, and an original Allotment Pay Authorization form. The transmittal letter for the Air Medal, dated August 9, 1946, states that the Air Medal is: "For meritorious achievement while participating in heavy bombardment missions in the air offensive against the enemy over Continental Europe. The courage, coolness and skill displayed by Sergeant Covel upon these occasions reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States"

The 334th was established as a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomb group in early 1942. Trained under Second Air Force before becoming an Operational Training Unit (OTU). Readied for combat operations in early 1943 and deployed to European Theater of Operations (ETO), being assigned to VIII Bomber Command in England in May 1943. Engaged in strategic bombardment operations over Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany, becoming one of the most highly decorated squadron of the Air Offensive. Engaged in strategic bombardment operations until the German Capitulation in May 1945.

A good history of acheivements of the 95th Bomber Group can be found at:

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