Navy Memorabilia

Bryant, James J.

Rank: Fireman, 2C
Serial Number: 03828178
Military Branch: USS St. Louis CL-49
Origin: California
Date of Death: 1944-4-14
Manila American Cemetery
Featured: No

F2C James J. Bryant enlisted in January of 1942 and was on the USS St. Louis in support of landing operations on the Green Islands. He was one of 23 killed that day.

The group includes Bryant's posthumous Type 1 officially engraved Purple Heart with its small purple coffin case, as made by the US Mint. Also included is research on Bryant and the St. Louis.

At 1855 on the 14th, six Vals were sighted approaching St. Louis' group. Crossing astern of the ships, the enemy planes were out to the southeast, turned, and reapproached. Only five remained in the formation which split into two groups. Two of the planes closed the St. Louis.

The first plane dropped three bombs, all near misses. The second released three more. One scored on the light cruiser, the other two were near misses just off the port quarter. The bomb which hit St. Louis penetrated the 40 millimeter clipping room near the number 6 gun mount and exploded in the midship living compartment. Twenty-three died and 20 were wounded, 10 seriously. The next day she survived another attack and was ordered back to Purvis Bay. The dead were buried at sea.

SOLD to a collector 04-2021 

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