Navy Memorabilia

Black, Kenneth L. Jr

Rank: Lieutenant, US Navy
Serial Number: 110272
Military Branch: LCT (6) Group #65, Flotilla Twenty-Two
Origin: Virginia
Featured: No

Lt. Kenneth Leon Black, Jr. was born in Virginia in 1919. No other documentation about him on the web can be found to date. He received the Navy Silver Star during action "on 7 January, 1945 while participating in the assault landing in the San Fabian area (White Beach Two) of the Lingayan Gulf, Luzon, P.I. Task Unit 78.1.6 encountered a heavy mortar barrage 300 yards from the beach which continued until the boats cleared the beach after unloading."

Lt. Black's group includes the onion skin copy of his letter of recommendation for the Silver Star, plus his original typewritten Citation signed by Admiral T.C. Kincaid, Commander 7th Fleet, a photo of LCT 1037 with art at stern for "Miss Fire", a beautiful 8 by 10 pencil drawing of LCT 1037 titled "Beachead, Dagupan, Philippines, March 1945", and a newspaper article about his award published in the Richmond News Leader, July 21, 1945. His medals include his solid brooch Navy Silver Star in its original red box, (the box is numbered 01459) and United States Naval Reserve medal. Three ribbon bars are also included showing that he was first in the European Theater of operations. Finally, his sterling silver ID bracelet engraved "Kenneth L. Black Jr. 110272" rounds out the group.

His citation reads as follows: "For distinguishing himself by gallantry and intredity in action in an amphibious landing in the Southwest Pacific Area. He assumed command of his flagship after the Commanding Officer (Ensign Robert Ullom) had been severely wounded and the craft badly damaged. At the same time, he led and maneuvered his task unit which was under constant mortar fire to successfully complete their mission. His courage and leadership were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Navy of the United States."


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