Bernet, Howard C.

Rank: Captain
Serial Number: 62566
Military Branch: Line Officer US Navy
Origin: Missouri
Date of Death: 1986-1-24
Arlington National Cemetary
Featured: No

Navy Captain Howard Cavender Bernet (nickname Howdie) was born April 10, 1908. He attended the US Naval Academy and graduated in the class of 1929. In 1937 and 1938 he attended the Marine Corps School Detachment at Quantico as a Lieutenant. He served 30 years from June 6, 1929 through his retirement June 30, 1959. He died January 24, 1986 and was interred in Section 1-A Site 1 of the Arlington National Cemetery on January 29, 1986. Howdie was married to his wife Agnes and they had 3 sons: James, Howard Jr., and William.

Captain Bernet's group includes his solid brooch Yangtze service medal numbered 9134, with rare numbered box, WW2 Victory medal, slot brooch Asiatic Pacific medal with original US Mint box, slot brooch American Defense medal with box, Navy Occupation medal with Asia bar, rack of ribbons, miniature medal bar including the Yangtze, and a sterling and gold filled officers cap badge. His Yangtze medal was for service on the USS Houston, CA-30, in 1931 and 1932 in China.

Captain Bernet saw sea duty on USS New Mexico, USS Idaho (Gunnery), USS Mississippi (Navagator); USS Houston (Asiatic Flag), USS Fox DD234, Commanding Officer AO-62 Taluga, APA-38 USS Chilton, DESDIV 92, and DESRON 10. Shore Duty included USNA PG and MAR005PS schools, two tours BUPERS (Officer Detail and Officer Performance), SHAPE in Paris, and last tour Assistant Director of Naval Intelligence.

As of August 2020 this group was sold back to the family.

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