World War II

August, Victor

Rank: MK1
Military Branch: USCG
Featured: No

This is a most unusual group that I have been researching enough to believe that this man was in the Pacific Theater with the Coast Guard during WW2. He may have been in the Navy prior to that. SSDI info on Victor August shows two possibilities-one born in 1911 and the other in 1914. Either one would work to put him in the services for quite a long time as his group indicates The rank insignia for Victor August shows Petty Officer 2nd Class Aviation Machinists Mate and PO 1st Class Machinery Technician. The Coast Guard Air Crew wings are hallmarked Gemsco. Have nothing definitive on the vintage of the wings. They may be later than WW2.

Web search has shown that the Coast Guard manned Loran-A stations in many places including the Pacific in WW2. They also had Loran in planes. Note that the GCM is the first type issued in the 20's and phased out in the 50's. The ribbon bar is GCM, Pacific Campaign and National Defense, with stars. It has been together a long time. Other ribbons are Philippine Liberation and Presidential Unit Citation.

The original owner said that it was in a wall hung frame when he got it from a Colorado estate sale. The campaign medals and victory medals are all slot brooch. The aviation rate patch is 4 inches wide and signed in embroidery on the back. Here is a link to a site that describes the Loran sites in WW2.


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