Highlighting the World Wars I & II Memorabilia Collection of Dave Sleeper


Young, Willian J.

Rank: Fireman 2nd Class
Serial Number: 3826394
Military Branch: USS Minneapolis, CA-36
Origin: California
Date of Death: 1942-11-30
Golden Gate National Cemetery
Featured: No

F2C William John Young was a naturalized citizen born in Keewatin, Canada born December 17, 1922, to his parents William John and Margaret Lena Young. At the time William enlisted, the family resided in Monterey Park, California. He enlisted in the regular Navy in Los Angeles on December 15, 1941. His mother became naturalized in 1934 which gave her offspring naturalized status. His father remained a Canadian citizen.

After his enlistment as an Able Seaman (A.S.) he was sent to the San Diego Naval Training Station for a very brief time. He reported aboard the USS Minneapolis on January 17, 1942. In early spring, his rate was changed to Seaman 2nd Class; then on May 19, 1942 he was increased in rate to Fireman 3c; then to F2c on November 1, 1942.

During the time Young was aboard, the Minneapolis crossed thr equator on February 7, 1942; participated in the Battle of Bougainville on February 20, 1942; Battle of Salemaua on March 10, 1942; Battle of the Coral Sea May 6-8, 1942; Battle of Midway June 4-6, 1942;  Reinforcement of Guadacanal August 7 to 30, 1942 and September 14 to 21, 1942; occupation of Funafu Ellice Islands October 1-4, 1942.