The Gulf oil spill continues unabated. This may well prove worse than Chernobyl!! The destruction of animal and plant life is unprecedented in modern history. They are saying that this spill could last for dozens of years if not controlled. As a minimum, the way of life on the Gulf coast is FOREVER changed. Where are the leaders on this? Isn’t anyone in charge? Looks like Pandora’s Box to me. BP=PB?

This shows the law of unintended consequences at work on a grand scale. Forty (40) years ago we had the technology to build enough nuclear power plants in this country to provide at least 70% of our energy needs of today. The environmentalists put a halt to that program. If those plants were built, it is probable that this well would never have been drilled!

Now the people in the Gulf are paying a huge price for this foolishness. Thanks Sierra Club.

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